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It's been a while since I've taken pen to paper... Or fingers to keyboard, I should say...
You see, I lost my gift of writing... When I lost you...
Ive tried, fruitlessly, to write something that is as beautiful as we once were....
I can't
When you left, you took more than you expected...
My heart, and my writing left with you...
Hanging on your coattails
Hoping to bask in your beauty once more...
I tried, for years, to coax them back to me....
Begging with tears in my eyes and ink on my hands...
But they never came back...
I suppose, they will always be yours.
You were always better company anyway...
I'm prone to malancholy and bitterness with enough pessimism to suffocate the most earnest of optimists...
You were always sunshine. You made it look so easy. That smile of yours....
Although my body may move on, my soul is still with you....
Hoping you take it in your hands once more....
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 0
I feel the warmth pour from my eyes.
I try to stanch the flow,
"No!" I scream,
"No!, not again...anything but this.."
My emotions ignore my plea.
Logic has hidden in the shadows,
giving way to despair and idiocy.
The bitterness burns my tongue.
I feel dirty.
His fingerprints are still on my skin.
No matter how much a scratch, they stay,
Mocking me.
"He's not worth it.."
I say inside myself
"He doesn't deserve these...."
It's suffocating,
the repulsion  of my situation.
Why is it, that the ones that aren't worth it.
The ones that don't deserve ANYTHING from me,
are always the ones that make me cry...
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 5
Mature content
Itch :iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 15
Kiss me with the same mouth
that has kissed and licked every pore endless bodies,
and I'll tell myself they were all mistakes.
You can touch my body with fingers
that have been all over and under everywhere,
and I'll tell myself they were all mistakes.
Lay your head upon my pillow.
A head that has been upon a countless amount of pillows,
and I'll tell myself they were all mistakes.
Lay your body upon mine.
Let us do the heated dance that only lovers do.
The same dance that you've shared with a myriad,
and I'll tell myself they were all mistakes.
Let me kiss every inch of you.
From your head to your toes.
Places that have already been explored by innumerable lips,
and I'll tell myself you're not a mistake.
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 10
The heady scent of
summer enveloped me,
everything bright and alive with warmth,
like the choke-hold of winter never existed here.
I watched the sky,
it's never-ending blue hypnotizing me
into a hazy sleep.
You were around,
dancing through wheat-fields,
singing along with cicadas.
I felt you.
The earth seemed to sigh with pleasure
as you skipped across lily-pads
and strummed bark with your fingertips.
Even the sun seemed to laugh at your child's play.
I lay in my contentment and joy.
My emptiness filled and my light rekindled.
I closed my eyes,
letting the Earth's song
and your dance lull me to sleep.
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 16
My half slumber interrupted by a rude exclamation.
The morning sun burns my eyes, making tears form at the sides.
I force myself out of the many layers of my bed.
The word still echoing in my ears.
The voice is familiar.
But I can't quite get a grasp on recognition.
It's like trying to hold a cloud in your hand.
The harder you grasp, the less of it you have to hold.
The realization hits me like a wrecking ball.
Straight to the stomach.
No more lungs for me.
Those are busy being lodged in my ever constricting throat.
Why the hell are you in my head?
I banished you!!!
Sent you so deep into my recesses that the light of day would NEVER cast itself on the likes of you EVER again.
The key to that lock was long lost.....on purpose.
.....And yet....
There you were, in my dreamscape.
Ruining yet another moment that was perfectly perfect without you anywhere near it.
Well I guess bad habits die hard.....
And you........YOU just won't fucking DIE!!!!!
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 16
Fall from Grace
I gave you my all...
I trusted you with my most fragile of parts
I believed you would catch me
when I wanted to fall
Instead you let me shatter on the rocks below
I fell from our lofty heaven
I tasted forbidden fruit
and was banished from my paradise
I am doomed to wander with heavy heart
in a dark, frigid world...
All alone...
Until the sun kisses my skin once again,
and melts my sorrows away
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 1 0
R.I.P M.J...
The sky darkens on the sad day...
because one of its greatest stars has died
as the world mourns its loss of this great being.
He dances upon the moon
and takes his place in the heavens among the other Gods.
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 4
Her Story...
Her beautiful eyes...
Her perfect smile...
Her delicate lips...
All perfect reflections of the children you despise
You put the weight of your world on Her shoulders...
God forbid she buckles
Your lust for redemption has caused a chasm in Her heat so deep...
it can never be repaired by anything you do
Her vanity and fear has nearly cost her everything
And yet...
Your eyes are still blind to her tears
As black rolls down Her face in silent cries
She drags Herself up to her prison...
One Last Time
For the chasm you have built
She can no longer hold
with a heavy heart, She ends it all
Your perfect little doll...
can rest
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 1 0
I open my eyes
The burning forces me to close them again
I try to breath
But something other than air enters my lungs
Choking me.
I feel myself suffocating
I struggle to pull myself up
I cry out but to no avail
My voice has been lost on deaf ears
They can't hear me
Because they choose not to
For this vast sea that I'm drowning in
Was created by them
The only way to escape
Is to die
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 2
splendid stupidity
    Its Beautiful
                                      Its Horrible
Its Enduring
          Its fickle
                                       Its trusting
Its suspicious
                 Its Keeps us level
It drives us insane
              Its an obsession
Its a repulsion                   
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 3
Do you think of me?
Or am I just a blurry memory?
A Glance?
An Afterthought
A person who just happened
to be in the wrong place
at the right time?
Do you remember the way I looked?
Can you still hear me breathing?
Imagine how I felt in your arms?
Do you dream of me?
See me in your mind?
Or was i just a flame that needed your water?
Do you remember me the way i remember you?
I dont believe you do
Not at all
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 1 7
Taken so LIGHTLY,
Many end theres so quickly
Thinking nothing's ever going to get better
While others just float along
No ambition
Hope; the source of our GREATEST strength
but also leads to our WORST demise.
holding in our hearts something that may never come true.
Letting it TORMENT us
Is that what we are?
A bunch of MASOCHISTS?
Torturing ourselves purposely?
Letting our hearts BLEED,
digging the gash DEEPER and DEEPER
until its an ugly HOLE in our soul....
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 9
Trust,Appriciation,and Love
are the most important parts of a relationship
Without trust,there is no love,only insanity
Without appreciation,only envy
Without love,there is nothing....
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 1 0
all gone
As im walking
I notice that something is missing
I could feel the hole in my soul
Its ripping me apart
and it just keeps growing
and i wonder
where the hell is this pain coming from
what happened
why cant i breath
why is it suddenly so cold
why do i feel so...empty
and then i realize
its you
youve left me
and youve taken everything with you
my heart
my soul
my all
luckily it was raining that day
or else everyone would see the tears
slowly streaming down my face
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 1 2
You never looked back...
As you stood there and talked
I listened to every word you said
I listened to the reasons why
The excuses
The lies
I listened to my heart slowly shatter
with every word that escaped your lips
I watched
as you tried to convince me (and yourself)
Why we couldnt be together
I just stood there
and as you walked away
all the pain came pouring out of my soul
Like a never ending waterfall
of pain, despair, and abandonment
But you didnt turn around
You mumbled an unconvincing apology and kept going
For you and I both knew that if you did
You'd see the pain you caused me
and to look into my tearful eyes
and see into my broken soul
would cause you even more pain
then i could ever feel in a lifetime
:iconsugarspicevodkanice:sugarspicevodkanice 0 5

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so....the main reason i haven't written much lately is because there has been a lot of things going on with my life. i've been partying a bit and finding myself and what i want. i joined the marines, i start boot camp in September. the training is pretty intense. i'm using muscles that i didn't even know existed. i've been pretty busy. i have written little blips of a poem, but they're more random thoughts than a cohesive structure.
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United States
Hi! My names Monique.Everyone calls me Mo, so i guess you can call me Mo too! If you like what you see, stick around for a wild ride filled with romance, torment.....and veggie burgers. Lol. I write and update sporadically. Just keep on looking out and stay on your toes. Because you never know when,or where,i'll pop up next. ;)

Current Residence: anywhere and nowhere
Favourite genre of music: jrock!!techno!!rock,emo,screamo,metal,rave,..and country...yep....i like pretty much everything
Operating System: Windows 7..yay me!
MP3 player of choice: iPod!!!its purple!
Shell of choice: i didn't know i was a turtle!!! *looks at back*
Skin of choice: i like mine...i've had it all my life.
Favourite cartoon character: zim,gir,ichigo,inyasha,kyo,spongebob,aang,
Personal Quote: stop taking life so seriously,for in the end we all die..


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